Get a Wooden Fence for Your Home

Wood is an organic material and structural tissue that is found in trees. Though it is porous and fibrous, it is strong in tension.
For thousands of years, wood has been used as a construction material and in making tools, furniture, and paper.
In the construction industry, wood has been widely used as a fence in residential and commercial buildings because wood fencing is a strong, secure option that can add a timeless beauty to the landscape of a property.
If you are concern about the aesthetic value of your property, then you have to use wood as a fence material. This kind of material is far more appealing than aluminum or vinyl.
When you decide to install wood as a fence on your property, you have to carefully select the kind of wood to be used because not all wood is created equal. The type of wood to be installed will depend on the climate in your area, the wood’s resistance to rot and termites, and of course, your budget.
There are different types and grades of wood that are recommended as fencing material. But premium and clear grade wood are the best options since these are high in quality, are durable and have a uniform appearance.
Among the most common wood types that make a good fencing material are pine, spruce, and fir because these are durable and affordable, aside from being resistant to termites and insects since these are treated with chromate copper arsenate, an insecticidal preservative.
Pine and fir are additionally treated with a water-repellent stain to increase their life and durability.
But if you have the budget, go for Redwood. This type of wood is expensive but can definitely add an aesthetic value to your property.
Choose the higher grade redwood because it is more durable and is resistant to insects and rot.
If you want to install a wood fence on your property, hire Upchurch Fence, the expert in designing and installing wood fences in the McDonough and surrounding areas.
The company provides quality products, guaranteed work, and exemplary customer service at reasonable rates. It installs only the best wood materials from the best manufacturers, from posts to rails, to boards and nails.
Upchurch Fence has an extensive selection of wood accent pieces that are custom designed.
Among its most popular products used in backyard and subdivision fencing are redwood, cedar or pressure treated pine.
When total privacy is not important, Upchurch Fence recommends shadowbox and colonial style fence as good alternatives.
So for your wood fencing project, rely on Upchurch Fence to install it for you. Call now for a free estimate.

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