Best Fencing for Balconies

In earlier years, balconies are often used for ceremonial purposes and in stage plays, such as in William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” But in modern architecture, balconies have now become a part of a house or building’s overall design. A balcony certainly adds beauty to any home or building, especially if it has a luxurious design that can catch the attention of passersby. Since balconies are usually constructed above the ground, it is necessary that a fence is installed as an enclosure for the safety of anyone staying in it. But perhaps you may ask, what fence is appropriate for balconies?

An ornamental iron fence is the strongest, long-lasting and most secure fence that you can use for your balcony. Or if you are looking for other alternatives, an aluminum fence is the next option. Aluminum is the second strongest metal and is an excellent alternative to an ornamental iron fence. If you are planning to install a fence in your balcony, get the services of Upchurch Fence, the leader in fencing installation within the Greater Atlanta area. Upchurch Fence provides quality products, guaranteed work, and exemplary customer service at reasonable rates. It installs only the best materials from the best manufacturers.

The company has installed dozens of aluminum balconies in the metro Atlanta area. All of its aluminum fences are made of a high-quality aluminum alloy that is rated as strong as steel and is powder coated to perfection, giving them a beautiful finish that will last the lifetime of the fence without peeling, chipping, cracking or blistering.

If you decide to install an aluminum fence in your balcony, you are making a good decision because this material holds up extremely well to water, weather, and insects, a necessity for any fence to withstand all weather conditions. All of Upchurch Fence’s aluminum fences come with a full lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship or materials. But if you choose ornamental iron fence, you’re making the best decision since all of Upchurch’s ornamental iron fences are made out of galvanized steel and provide a classic wrought iron look and feel. Once fabricated, each galvanized steel panel goes through an 11-step powder coating process to preserve their beautiful look and prevent rust and corrosion. The fence panels are then fastened together using industrial drive rivets that have tremendous holding power and are specifically designed to prevent rust and corrosion at the rivet point.

Upchurch Fence is an expert in designing and installing aluminum and ornamental iron fences on your balcony. Aside from this, the company also installs wood fences, chain link fences and PVC fences. With Upchurch Fence, you are assured that the fence in your balcony will last a very long time.

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