Different Fencing Materials

Fencing is the installation of a material that will serve as an enclosure of an area, such as a house, building or any property, to control access or provide security to the residents. A fence may add beauty to the overall look of the house or property though this depends on the materials used. Among the most common materials used in fencing are aluminum, wood, steel, vinyl and metal wire.

Upchurch Fence, a fencing company that serves clients in the whole of Georgia, has been using these materials in all its fencing projects. It utilizes the highest quality materials to ensure that its fences meet and exceed the customers’ expectations.

Upchurch Fence offers ornamental fencing, wood fencing, commercial fencing, aluminum fencing, chain link fencing and PVC fencing using these materials.

In the installation of ornamental fencing, the company uses a variety of hot-rolled structural steel with a wall thickness of 18 or 16. The steel has a galvanized undercoat to assure maximum corrosion resistance and polyester powder coated out coat which is available in different colors. This type of fencing is excellent for residential or commercial properties. It is very affordable and requires low maintenance.

Wood fencing is a strong and secure option that provides timeless beauty to any application. Upchurch Fence has an extensive selection of wood accent pieces that are custom designed. It specifically uses redwood, cedar or pressure treated pine, which is the most popular enclosure for residential backyards and subdivisions.

In commercial fencing, Upchurch Fence makes use of aluminum as fencing material for balconies in apartment complexes and other areas.

Aluminum is the second strongest metal that makes a good fence. All of Upchurch Fence’s aluminum fences are made of a high-quality aluminum alloy that is rated as strong as steel and are powder coated to perfection. Aluminum is also a type of material that holds up extremely well to water, weather and insects.

All of Upchurch Fence’s aluminum fences come with a full lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship or materials. In installing a chain link fence, the company uses a metal wire as

In installing a chain link fence, the company uses a metal wire as material which is galvanized as it underwent a chemical process to protect it from rusting, extending the life of the chain link and limits maintenance.

In PVC fencing, Upchurch Fence uses vinyl as the main material.

Vinyl is five times stronger than wood and does not decompose like wood. It does not require painting, is easy to clean and is built to last, maintaining its original condition for years. This material is also flexible and will not snap or break off, unlike wood.

You can find all these materials from Upchurch Fence.

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