Stone and Brick

Stone and Brick Columns

The elegant simplicity of stone or brick pillars will add beauty to any property. Enhancing curb appeal, adding property value and a look above and beyond, is what we take great pride in. A simple standing pillar with your house number, a beautiful Ornamental Aluminum Estate Gate in between, or a bold Anchor Reinforced Custom vinyl Privacy Gate to add a finishing touch, the applications are endless.

Options Available

Whether you already know what kind of style you want or are just beginning your search, view our gallery of our projects so that you can see many of our virtually maintenance-free pvc and metal products, or our budget friendly wood projects so that you can define your space in your own personalized way.

Curb Appeal

Nothing suggests dignity, quality, and lasting strength like stone or brick columnsThese impressive structures are especially attractive when combined with a wood, aluminum or vinyl fence, like the kind our craftsmen are skilled at building.  When you hire Upchurch Fence, you can enjoy old-world quality in a modern setting.