What is ornamental fencing?

Ornamental fencing is the installation of a fence to enclose a residential backyard or commercial area. Most often, fencing is done to provide security to the people living inside while keeping the property off from animals. Ornamental fencing has been around for hundreds of years but materials used before were not as a luxurious and durable as the ones used today. Ornamental fencing is more popular in backyard fencing, pool enclosure, and even for dog fencing.

In Georgia, there is one company that specializes in the installation of ornamental fencing. Upchurch Fence is a company based in Jenkinsburg that installs quality ornamental fencing material at affordable rates. Upchurch Fence utilizes the highest quality materials to ensure the fences it installs meet and exceed customers’ expectations. The company uses a variety of hot-rolled structural steel with a wall thickness of 18 or 16 gauge as one material in all its ornamental fence.

The ornamental fence features a galvanized undercoat inside and out to assure maximum resistance to corrosion.

The company also makes available polyester powder coated out a coat in different colors to suit your preference. Upchurch Fence’s ornamental fence comes with a modular system that is made up of brackets, rails, pickets and fasteners and custom gates or rails that can be rolled or contoured, which are offered in swing and cantilever slide gates. Every opening also comes with a frame size while gates can be manually or electrically operated, depending on your preference. Ornamental fencing is one of the most popular types of fencing for residential or commercial areas because it is affordable and requires low maintenance. But Upchurch Fence does not only install an ornamental fence as it also offers wood fencing, aluminum fencing, PVC fencing, chain link fencing and commercial fencing services to clients in Jenkinsburg and 17 other areas in Georgia.

If you are looking for a professional fence company to install ornamental fencing in your house, call Upchurch Fence now for a free quote. Upchurch Fence is one of the most established fencing companies in the Metro Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

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