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Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is certainly the most recognizable type of fencing in the U.S. Common on sports fields and parks, industrial and manufacturing facilities and many homes, chain link is an affordable solution to many problems that require fencing.

It remains a popular fence choice for a variety of reasons. Improvements have been made to chain link fencing over time to improve its durability, quality and appearance.



Chain link fence is the most affordable fence option which can be installed by home do-it-yourselfers, although a professional can ensure a tight, lasting installation that will perform well for years.

Low Maintenance

Chain link fencing requires little or no maintenance. All chain link fencing is galvanized, meaning the metal wire fence material underwent a chemical process to protect it from rusting. This extends the life of the chain link and limits the maintenance.


Chain link is popular as it contains children and pets in yards while also offering a sight link through it to allow watching activity on the other side.

Appearance Options

Generic galvanized chain link fence can be improved — such as black or green vinyl-covered. Or there is chain link that has wooden posts and rails and offer different looks and designs.

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