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Wood Fence Restoration & Staining

Wood Fence Restoration & Staining

Fences can become very dingy due to UV damage, mold, and mildew. Our fence restoration services are available to keep fences looking great year after year. We understand how difficult it can be to find a company who will do the job right and do it well. Our focus is on exterior wood care, which sets us apart from other handymen, painters and pressure washing companies. This is what makes us stand out from the many do-it-alls who never master any skill.

What is Fence Restoration?

A fence restoration is the process of taking a neglected fence and revitalizing it. It’s not an easy job to restore fences. Many fences have intricate pockets, such as shadowbox fencing or lattice detailing. Cedar fences are also made from delicate wood surfaces that require special care in cleaning and treatment. Wood restoration craftsmen have passed down their methods that can effectively restore the appearance of any type of wood fence, regardless of its age or condition. We want to make unsightly fences look beautiful and blend seamlessly into the natural environment of your property.

How can a fence be restored?

It is simple. We first assess whether the fence has been replaced or if it has an old finish. Then we create a plan. The first step is to clean the fence thoroughly. We use strong, safe, plant-safe fence cleaners to remove years of oxidation and graying. This will reveal the wood grain and natural beauty of your fence.

New Fence Staining and Sealing

  • We use the brand, Wood Defender when we stain and seal any fence. Wood Defender exterior wood stains are premium, oil-based, penetrating stains. They are easy to apply, easy to clean up, and long-lasting. They provide a uniform application that is guaranteed by a manufacturer’s warranty to ensure that your outdoor structure is protected from the elements. The extreme-climate formulas waterproof wood, block UV rays, stabilize wood color, and can be used to restore weathered wood.

  • All exterior wood stains contain UV inhibitors and mildewcides to protect the structure from the sun’s harmful UV rays and deter mold and mildew growth.

  • We can stain the following: cedar, treated pine, SPF, redwood, and cypress, which are the most common species installed by fence companies in the United States.

Transparent Fence Stain & Seal

Semi-Transparent Fence Stain & Seal

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